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Contract Manufacturing Business

Contract Manufacturing Business

 Fuji pharma has engaged in manufacturing and developing of high-quality ethical pharmaceuticals since 1965. We have expanded the contract manufacturing business from the contract development to the commercial production on products such as Hormone and High Potency Products (Anti-cancer, etc.) by making use of pharmaceutical technologies, rich experiences, know-how, etc..
 In October 2012, OLIC (Thailand) Limited, the largest contrast manufacturer in Thailand joined Fuji Pharma group. The Fuji Pharma group has proactively expanded the contract manufacturing business not only for Japan but also for the global under GMP Compliance, c-CMP, EU-GMP, J-GMP and PIC/S GMP. The Fuji Pharma group has proactively expanded the contract manufacturing business globally beyond Japan. The Fuji Pharma group can provide the contract services from development to commercialization for your product requirement.
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Toyama Plant

Pre-filled Syringe General/ Anti-cancer / Highly potency
Vial lyophilized / liquid
Ampoule / Syringe General / Hormone
Solid Dosages Formulation Plain / Coated General / Hormone
Example for Manufacturing Equipment - Pre-filled Syringe -

Research Development

Plastic / Glass syringe (Liquid ) General / High potency
Glass ampoule (Lyophilized / Liquid )
Glass vial (Lyophilized / Liquid )
Solid Dosages Formulation Plain, Film-coated, Sugar-coated,
OD tablet
General / Hormone

OLIC (Thailand) Limited (Group company)

OLIC can repackage products for any country worldwide.
OLIC can consider offers from other companies for quality control and stability test for any country worldwide.

Liquid Vial General
External Preparation Ointment / Cream / Gel Jar, Tube
(Aluminum, Plastic, Laminate)
Liquid Bottle
Solid Dosages Formulation Plain, Film-Coated,
Sugar-Coated, Hard Capusle,
Powder, Granules
Blister, Bottle, Strip, Sachet General
Soft Capsule Hormone Blister
Liquid internal Preparation Syrup, Suspension, Liquid Bottle Drug
OLIC(Thailand) Limited HP