Top Message

Helping people around the world, while continuing to grow and develop, through superior pharmaceuticals

Since Fuji Pharma Group’s establishment, we have always been involved in people’s lives, provided joy and happiness, and expressed our gratitude and appreciation. Also, we have enriched people’s lives by supplying pharmaceuticals. Focusing on medical care for women and acute-phase medical care, we continue to work with customers in enhancing existing value by creating new value, and we have gained the support of physicians, medical staff and patients along the way.

We are continuing to grow while contributing to healthy living through the provision of superior pharmaceuticals. Striving to enhance opportunities for personal growth and development, we encourage each and every employee to excel in their work. This has led to the growth of our company, from which we return these gains to our customers. We consider it our mission to continue to maintain and further expand this virtuous cycle, to bring lasting happiness to people around the world. Our mission is integral to our corporate philosophy.
Going forward, we will continue to focus on the overall challenge of providing meaningful value in medical care; and by accomplishing things that only Fuji Pharma Group can achieve, we will gain the trust and confidence of medical professionals and succeed in making even greater contributions.

The market for medical care, including drug manufacturing, has entered a period of dramatic transformation. As a company that handles a wide range of pharmaceuticals from new drugs to generics and biosimilars, we are seeking a number of ways to address this transitional phase. We will vigorously pursue the brand strategy of the entire Fuji Pharma Group, while entering a new stage and building a new framework centered on branded drugs. Through these efforts, we will grow even more on a global scale as we strive to achieve our goals for the future.
Finally, the Fuji Pharma Group will work to build relationships based on even stronger ties, underpinned by friendship, empathy, passion, tradition and unshakable confidence, with medical care professionals and people seeking better health outcomes, as well as all other stakeholders in Japan and overseas.

President and Chief Executive Officer Hirofumi Imai