Top Message

We contribute to healthy living of all the people in the world through the provision of superior pharmaceuticals. Also, we value all the people’s wish for happiness, and continue to create further growth opportunities with all the people through pharmaceutical business.

Since Fuji Pharma Group’s establishment, we have always been involved in people’s lives, provided joy and happiness, expressed our gratitude and appreciation, and putting contribution to lives of all the people in the world as our top priority. Also, we have been enhancing our values by working together with all the people including patients, physicians, and medical staffs, to create new values, and have developed to the point where we could obtain support from the people.

We continue to contribute to people’s healthy lives by providing superior pharmaceuticals, and to strive to enhance opportunities for personal growth and development. Through such opportunities, we encourage each and every employee to excel in their work. By accumulating such exceling efforts, we as a company continues to grow. Such growth will enable us to return these gains to all the people in the world. We consider this our mission to continue to maintain and further expand this virtuous cycle, to bring lasting happiness to people around the world.

To date, we have built a wide variety of product portfolio with innovative and other drugs, mainly in women’s healthcare and acute medical care, and flexibly responded to diversifying and growing medical needs through biosimilar products which are highly difficult to develop.

We will vigorously pursue our strategy with strong will to contribute to healthy lives of all the people in the world. Through these efforts, we will achieve what only we can deliver, and receive more trust and support from everyone as “A specialty company that delivers new medical value by providing close support to each individual’s long life starting from the birth of life”.