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Medium-term Business Plan

Our goal is to operate a top-class pharmaceutical business on a global scale that offers innovative added value. We want to earn the trust of healthcare professionals worldwide and people who want to lead healthy lives as well as all of other stakeholders. We are determined to be a source of excitement, major accomplishments, empathy and understanding.

Vigorously implement the brand strategy for the people, companies and products of the Fuji Pharma Group
Use the corporate culture of a strong affection for people and a leadership development plan, increase productivity and the return on capital, maximize customer value in targeted business domains.

Build a new stage and framework centered on branded drugs
Establish a business plan and strategy centered on branded drugs*, upgrade and renew all corporate capabilities, rebuild the framework for business operations.

Grow on a global scale
Use OLIC to sell major products outside Japan, establish a strategy for alliances with overseas companies, aim to become the leading CMO in the Asia-Pacific region.

*Include new drugs, branded generic drugs with marketing approval from other companies and biosimilars

Growth Strategy

Build a unique business model that produces synergies in strategic fields by combining brands, generic drugs and contract manufacturing

New Activities for Fuji Pharma Brands, Mainly in SE Asia

Use OLIC as a base for new business initiatives worldwide

CMO:Contract Manufacturing Organization

Numerical Targets

We anticipate net sales of 32 billion yen for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2015 on a consolidated basis. We aim to achieve ordinary income of 3.5 billion yen, net income of 2.2 billion yen, and a ratio of ordinary income to total assets of at least 7.3%.

・Sustainable growth in sales, and recovery in profit margins
・Aggressive R&D investments to support long-term growth
・Constantly take actions aimed at using expenses more efficiently

We will strive to operate a top-class pharmaceutical business on a global scale that offers innovative added value, and work towards the further realization of our management philosophies of “growth of the Company and its employees” and “contributing to healthy living.”

Investments for Growth and Initiatives for Shareholder Returns